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Food Festivals


Working for a CPG Recruiter we are constantly talking about food.  Our food industry clients make some of the best products in the grocery aisle but there are some brands that don’t get the same kind of PR.  Eating is one of my favorite hobbies.  Whether it’s a night out on the town trying new foodie restaurants, or Martini Friday at home, snacks are on the menu!  One way to sample a lot of food in one spot is a food festival.

Whether you are into garlic, truffles, or food truck dining there is a food festival for you.  Some of the more notable festivals involve throwing tomatoes or wearing watermelons as water-skis.   All year long you can find grand celebrations of food and drink all over the world.  From local eats to celebrating bug cuisine, there are food festivals to satisfy many fancies.  Easy enough to find on the internet are the “Best Food Festivals,” I have listed a few links below.

After I saw what the world could offer I decided to look closer to home.  Here in MN we can enjoy several food, wine, craft beer, and local eats festivals in 2014.    I recently found and attended a local food focused event.  From “Olive Oil on Tap” infused olive oil and “BurntOut BBQ Company” sauces to sweet confectionary treats and amazing cheeses, there is always something wonderful to snack on while sampling the local beverages.  Minnesota craft beers are fantastic!  The artistry and talent of these small shops is apparent to me as a small time foodie.  I believe they are inspirational to the larger food producers as well.  It was a pleasure to put faces and stories to some local brands I have bought at the store, like Curt’s Special Recipe salsa.  We are excited to try their Spicy Bloody Mary Mix.  I brought home some great cheese and snacks for the next Martini Friday!  I am looking forward to dipping my fresh baked bread in Tuscany infused olive oil with parmesan, and working away at the quarter wheel of “Faribault Caves” cave aged Gouda.  Is anyone else hungry?


Here are a few of the websites I enjoyed while looking for food festivals:

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