The Local food movement

The local food  movement has been growing in popularity for the last several years.  The term locavore was coined in 2005 to describe someone who prefers that their food come from places closer to home.  In addition to farmer’s markets, there are many ways to support the local food movement.  For those of us in the colder climates, one great idea is the concept of preserving local food for the winter months.  This is a creative way to work around seasonal constraints.  Even though I love to can tomatoes, I never thought of it as a way to continue supporting local food. The article “Nine Ways to Support your Local Food Community” by Food Tank’s Bonnie Averbuch, gives this and other great tips on how you can be part of movement to keep things local.  Even incorporating one or two tips is a great start to becoming a locavore. We had the most delicious lunch at Local Foods in Chicago.  They are a 17,000-square-foot space the houses a public market, meat mecca The Butcher & Larder, seasonal staple Stock cafe and a lineup of cooking classes and workshops. If you are in the area we highly recommend checking them out!

What ideas do you have for keeping things local?