When Businesses Give Back: Curtis Food Recruiters Partners With CROSS Services

Last winter, we wrote about how hunger is especially painful during the holidays and how glad we were to have found a valuable community partner in CROSS Services. Unfortunately, need reaches beyond just the holidays, however, and this year continues to be exceptionally challenging. With more people in need than ever, we are grateful to see so many organizations like CROSS Services help to fight hunger and provide needed services in their communities. 

The mission of CROSS Services is to address food insecurity and children’s needs, provide financial assistance and affordable clothing, and act as family advocates for our local communities. We love CROSS Services because they are doing amazing work assisting local families and individuals in need. As local K-12 students are getting ready to head back to school this fall, one of the main initiatives of CROSS is providing them with backpacks, complete with school supplies. This year’s goal is to distribute 1,000 backpacks to students in need. 

For the past 7 years, we have proudly supported CROSS in these efforts. While we were in line to purchase this year’s school supply donations, we were heartened by a woman who was curious about the large volume of supplies in our cart. We explained our efforts in supporting the CROSS backpack program and she handed us a donation on the spot! It’s gestures like these that inspire us to spread awareness, and to keep up the work that our community volunteers and non-profit organizations so desperately need!

We are hoping you might take a moment to consider giving back as well. Whether that’s through CROSS Services or a community non-profit of your choosing. If you would like to support our partners at CROSS, contact them today for more information on how you can help out. Thank you for taking a moment to consider joining us in giving back!