Director of Merchandising Grocery

Directors of Grocery Merchandising are tasked with improving the customer experience within the grocery environment by formulating new merchandising strategies that ultimately result in higher customer conversion rates for perishable and non-perishable goods. Those assuming the position are expected to hold excellent organization and communication skills, be forward-thinking, have a good feel for how consumers perceive products within the grocery environment, and understand what ultimately drives them to make purchasing decisions.

A Director of Grocery Merchandising may also be tasked with the following: analyzing customer transaction trends and adjusting merchandise accordingly to meet consumer demand and developing new merchandising strategies for Center Store by working with other team members.  They may also be responsible for developing and maintaining marketing focused initiatives based on merchandise promotion and information availability and developing business partnerships that increase profitability. Candidates applying for the position will likely require previous industry experience, in addition to a higher education degree in a related field of study.