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My experience working with Curtis Food Recruiters was always beyond excellent. Julie and her team have immense perception of a clients’ need and the ability to partner effectively to create high value solutions. Julie, I always believed you presented us with a selection of highly qualified candidates who had been well vetted and matched for the opportunity we were presenting. You are undeterred by challenging hiring situations and your unwavering determination to get the job done is striking. Last but not least, you are an absolute pleasure to work with and I very much appreciated your candid feedback, both on a business and personal level.
Jackie, VP Human Resources, Family Owned Pork Producer
I've had the pleasure of working with Julie Curtis as both a candidate and hiring manager. Her client service is timely and direct. Julie makes you feel like you are her number one priority. As a candidate, Julie prepared me exceptionally for my engagement with the hiring company. She was extremely valuable in finalizing the strongest possible offer. As a hiring manager, Julie did a phenomenal job finding talent to fit both the skill requirements and the culture I am building.
Chad, Director of Sales, Plant Based Food and Beverage Manufacturer

I wanted to let you know, I LOVE THIS JOB! This role truly was a perfect fit for me. I’m thankful to Julie and Melissa for helping me in the process and helping me to get the package I needed for my family.

Andrea, Product Development Manager, Fortune 500 Grocery Retail Company