Are you a general recruiting firm?

Our industry niche differentiates us from Generalist Recruiters in understanding the infrastructure and strategic direction of the food industry.

Why shouldn’t I just use a job board website to hire candidates?

You will not find our candidates on job search engines like Monster or CareerBuilder. We’ve developed a strategic database of professional executives through more than thirteen years of networking that identifies the best in the business.

How well do you know your candidates? We need to work with a recruiting firm we can trust, and who has an inside track for finding the highest quality talent.

We know who is the best in their field, who are open to the possibility of new employment but not actively looking.  We know who is in need of their next career challenge and those that are stars in their field that won’t respond to a call from someone they don’t know.

Our last recruiter didn’t seem to know much about this field. What kind of experience do the people at Curtis Food Recruiters have?

Our team has extensive experience in placement for VP and Director level positions in Research and Development and Quality Assurance, Marketing, Merchandising, Human Resources, Operations, and Supply Chain. Furthermore, our experience in procurement, merchandising, retail and wholesale positions provides an in-depth understanding of our industries from an inside perspective.

How confident can I be that working with Curtis Food Recruiters will be good for our company?

Our 100% retained search approach guarantees we will find you the right candidate with not only the skill sets and experience to match your specifications; but also fitting into your company culture and work style to minimize turnover. Your retained search is guaranteed for the first year of employment.

Certain things can’t be determined on paper. Does Curtis Food Recruiters do anything to ensure candidates are right for my particular company?

Identifying the cultural fit is where most agencies fall short. We will confidentially ask all the right questions to understand the company culture to ensure the candidates we recommend will match your culture and excel in the work environment.

What does your company do to understand our needs? We want to make sure you “get us.”

Our process to find the best candidate for the position starts with an in-depth interview with the hiring manager to identify company culture, management style, predictive index, your business model, and personality traits that go beyond the specs of the job description. What actually makes you as a manager and your business model different? What makes you love your job and what makes you want to run for the hills on occasion?

Why so much focus on just recruiting talent for food industry candidates?

Putting all of our emphasis on food industry talent (e.g. food manufacturing, food processing, agriculture / AG, and other areas), allows us to gain connections with the best candidates in this specific field. We specialize in executive recruitment of top talent for food processing, grocery retail, mass merchandise and consumer packaged goods industries. We spend 100% of our time every day in these industries digging deep into what makes companies profitable and trends for growth and development.

What specific job titles or roles do you help clients fill?

We work with candidates in many food and grocery industry roles, including (for example): quality assurance / QA, R&D / research and development, product development, sales, operations, plant manager, general manager, human resources, marketing, merchandising, regulatory, microbiology, food science, buyer, bakery, deli, perishable, meat, general merchandise, health and beauty, transportation, supply chain, analytics, distribution, retail operations, and produce.