We Are Food People: Here’s Why It Matters

We Are Food People: Here’s Why It Matters

Today, technology and social media reign supreme, and the food industry stands as a dynamic and trend-driven domain. The importance of food expertise cannot be understated, both from the perspective of clients and candidates. Food & beverage is as romantic, nostalgic, and subject to trends as fashion, but as regulated as pharmaceuticals. Companies must both be on-trend and meticulous in execution, all while dealing with a perishable product. It takes just one influencer to revolutionize a segment, and the intricacies of the food and beverage world make it a meticulous landscape to navigate.

We get it.

If you are responsive to the demands and trends throughout the market with successful regulation, you have created your roadmap to success. However, if you do not, your organization can miss out on market opportunities or worse, pay the ultimate price with someone else’s life. In this industry, food expertise is not only essential for achieving success but also crucial for mitigating risk.

Our Vice President of Talent Strategy, Lynn Ducharme, provided valuable insights for both clients and candidates, highlighting the unparalleled advantages of choosing Curtis Food Recruiters to help build out your team or with your career search.

Key Insights for Clients about CFR:

  1. Deep & Credible Network: We pride ourselves on our ability to work quickly and efficiently. With a network of over 70,000 candidates in the food industry, we possess an unparalleled understanding of who would be an ideal fit for your organization and who wouldn’t.
  2. Technical & Strategic Expertise: Our team excels in both technical and strategic acumen to know the right questions to ask, how to properly vet candidate skillsets, and verify authenticity.
  3. Minimizing Risk: With CFR, you can rest assured that your risk is minimized. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of food safety and quality assurance enables us to mitigate potential risks associated with talent placement in the food industry.

 Key Insights for Candidates about CFR:

  1. Valuing Your Expertise: Our team understands the importance of your experience and skillsets. We are committed to finding opportunities that align with your expertise.
  2. Extensive Network of Reputable Clients: We have a deep, broad network of clients with excellent cultures and reputations. Our clients are humble, successful, nimble, and are not afraid to make an investment where it matters the most: their people.
  3. Understanding of Compensation: We understand the nuances of compensation within the food and beverage industry. We make sure to match opportunities with the financial factors that drive decision-making for 
    your career.

Industry expertise doesn’t always matter. In food & beverage, it does.

Food people need food people.

Curtis Food Recruiters is a full-service executive search firm specializing in the food manufacturing and grocery retail industries. Since 2006, we’ve strived to help our clients find the best candidate for their specific needs. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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