Diversity in Food & Beverage: Igniting Innovation & Profitability

The Food & Beverage industry is fiercely competitive, where Innovation and consumer demands hold unrivaled authority. Embracing diversity and achieving gender balance are essential for business optimization. By understanding the impact of diverse leadership teams and the influential role of women in the marketplace, organizations can seize new opportunities, enhance product development, and deliver significant returns for employees and shareholders.  

Why Businesses Care 

  • Diversity drives profitability: Companies with diverse leadership teams have, on average, 33% better EBITDA performance. If there were any other levers an organization could pull to access those results, it would be a top priority.  
  • Diversity delivers Innovation: Research shows that companies with above-average diversity generated 45% of their total revenue from Innovation, compared to 26% for companies with below-average diversity. This 19% Innovation-related advantage translated into overall better financial performance.  
  • Innovation ensures longevity & produces growth: In few industries is Innovation as critical for survival as it is in Food & Beverage, with lack of Innovation being the #1 reason for legacy business failure. Businesses that invest heavily in Innovation see an average of 11% revenue growth and 22% EBITDA growth
  • Women are your core consumer: Women make 93% of the food buying decisions. By not having their presence be a significant voice at the table, you are missing a critical lens that can drive consumer behavior. 
  • Change with the evolving consumer landscape: Non-Hispanic whites will be a minority by the year 2045. The absence of diverse perspectives hinders an organization’s ability to stay competitive and meet evolving consumer demands. 


Our Role in Your Success 

Over 17 years, 50% of Curtis Food Recruiters placed candidates have been diverse placements: two times the industry average. Our team is dedicated to the successful innovation and profitability of our clients, ensuring their organizations can effectively respond to the needs of the market. Failure to prioritize diversity leads to missed opportunities, reduced financial performance, and a limited ability to stay competitive in the ever-evolving market. Simply put, it pays to invest in diversity – literally – and we get it.  

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